Fairies needed!

We're looking for some young actors to play the part of fairies in A Midsummer Night’s Dream. There are very few lines and the main requirement of the roles are to accompany Titania and Oberon Queen and King of the fairies on stage, with dance-type movement and a song. We’d like boys or girls aged 10 plus. There are seven performances from 15 to 24 August and there would be for the fairies two rehearsals a week (Monday and Thursday) for four or five weeks before that. Rehearsals start at 7.30 and for the first few week the fairies will finish about 8.30. As performance nears rehearsals will go on till 9.30-10pm. Anyone who likes acting and the stage will find the role of a fairy a lot of fun. If you’re interested or want more information please email Suzy at suzy.cain@festival.co.nz