Play Readings & Christmas

We're doing a pantomime this Christmas!

Next Monday (the 10th) we'll be reading through two possible pantomimes ("The Wicked Witches of Oz"and "Georgina and the Dragon").  If all goes well, we will then choose one of them to produce this Christmas.

First rehearsal for the pantomime is currently scheduled for the 24th.

We also need to get a programme sorted for next year, so.... 

On the 17th we will also have a play-reading.  We don't have a programme set for 2016 yet, so we hope that the play we read then will be suitable for one of the potential 2016 slots.  If you are an aspiring director and have a (short) play in mind, then please contact us with the details.  If you've already directed a short play for us & have a full-length play in mind that you'd like to direct then please also contact us with the details.  Anyone who has an idea for a play for DC next year that they DON'T want to direct, please also contact us.  We'll hope to get some other playreading nights organised while the Christmas show is only rehearsing one night a week - so plenty of slots for all reasonable ideas! (but initially we'll prioritise any potential shows which already have a potential director)

See you at 7:30 on the 10th in the Studio