Our Drama Christi 75th celebration show, Back And Beyond, is a cracker thanks to our wonderful writing team!  I am very excited about what they have come up with and am looking forward to the directing phase where we will time travel not only into the future, but also back to past Drama Christi performances.  We are now needing to know who would like to be involved as actors or crew.  We will need a wide variety of ages including children, teenagers right through to grandparents, the more the merrier, parts big and small! 

So check if you would be available Monday and Thursday evenings for rehearsals, 7.30pm to 9.30pm, starting 8th August 2022, but most importantly for our four performances, Thursday, 3rd November 2022, through to Sunday, 6th November 2022.  If there are rehearsals you know you can’t attend, I can work around that as long as you let me know in advance.  In keeping with our Drama Christi kaupapa there will be no auditions.  The only requirement is enthusiasm and commitment.  Children will be prioritised for earlier evening slots.  If you are interested in knowing more, or better still in participating, please contact us!

There will be a reading of the play on 8th August 2022 at the Drama Christi Studio at 7.30pm, an opportunity to come and see what you think and to ask any questions, big or small. Masks will be worn.

Drama Christi Studio, where rehearsals and performances will take place, is next to Wesley Church, 75 Taranaki Street, Wellington CBD.  We are very conscious of the Covid situation and will be adhering to any requirements.  We will of course be respectful of anyone needing to isolate etc. Those with any form of Covid like symptoms, even just a cold, will be asked to stay home. Mask wearing will be encouraged as much as possible.

In a week or two we will be sending out  information about the wider 75th Anniversary weekend celebration, so keep an eye on the website for more detail!

Chris Fisher (Director)