Back To The Land

Back To The Land

Written by Do Shaw

Now 70 years after the end of WWII, this warm-hearted tribute to the English Land Army Girls is brought to you by Drama Christi.

Written in 2003 and based on recollections of former Land Girls, this lively and touching play includes songs of the war years.

Playwright Do Shaw writes, “When I came across the history of the Women’s Land Army, it quickly established itself as a potential subject for a community play project. Here was a theme that connected with one of the defining events of the century, arguably a watershed that influenced British culture and politics for two or three generations. There was the strongest of local connections for me, because there were thousands of Land Girls in the Borders and north Northumberland.”

“A small group of enthusiasts quickly became interested in this topic. We read widely, made visits and, above all, met WLA veterans and recorded their stories. We met from time to time to exchange our results. A little later, the bones of the play began to emerge. These were to be the characters, these are the stories that represented the two ends of the spectrum – the local and the national, the specific and the universal.”

7 performances over 2 weekends;

Fri 17 July at 8pm
Sat 18 July at 4pm
Sun 19 July at 4pm

Thurs 23 July at 8pm
Fri 24 July at 8pm
Sat 25 July at 4pm
Sun 26 July at 4pm

At Drama Christi Studio Theatre, 75 Taranaki St, Wellington. 
(behind Wesley Church carpark – you may park here when attending plays at Drama Christi)

$15 waged, $10 unwaged.

Tickets also from cast members and at the door (cash only).